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Digital visiting Cards

Digital Visiting Card

Just share and show

Now no need to carry digital visiting card to show your contact or business details. Yeah it is true. Get your digital visiting and share with people to show your business information easily. Get the advantage to share anytime anywhere globally.
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Waistra Elite

Personalize digital visiting card

Digital visiting card can be created easily with waistra elite features to personalize digital visiting card. No need to take any separate digital visiting card maker service. Personalize it with your contact and business details and introduce yourself and your business with sharing people rather than putting a card in hands.

Elite feature

Update as you need

Digital visiting card is easy way to show business details. AIn the same way it is ultra easy to update your content of digital visiting card as need arises. It gives a feature of dynamic digital visiting card so that you can update information easily.

Waistra Elite

Benefits of having Digital Visiting Card

  • An advantage of not carrying physical card always
  • easy to show your personal and professional identity
  • easy to introduce more people in less time frame. 
  • have the chance to scale your business with growth 
  • take the advantage to grow with Waistra elite community

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